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Welcome to CavalryScouts.org, the new online Community designed primarily for Cavalry Scouts.


  1. New Members are required to fill out their profile information ASAP, and post an introduction post in their member group intro forum. Failure to comply within 7 days will result in the account being deleted.

    All members must be 17 years old or older to maintain an account on this site. (Only the Site Administrators can grant exceptions to this policy due to extenuating circumstances.)

    Delayed entry program and recruits who have not been to OSUT will not use the title of "SCOUT", "19D" or "Cavalry" anywhere in their screen name.

    DEP's,Recruits and wannabes that have not graduated from OSUT will NOT use any rank in their profile.

    DEP's,Recruits,wannabes,and family members, will not disrespect Senior Scouts when instructed to comply with forum etiquette.

    When told by a Staff Member to correct a deficiency regarding rank status, user title, or any action deemed necessary
    to correct, it will be done immediately .

    There is zero tolerance for arguing with or attempting to intervene & correct, an Administrator, Moderator or a bonafide Senior Scout on this Site.



!!! READ & HEED !!!


1.First and foremost Many of us on this board have watched friends bleed and give all in places nobody cares about anymore but us that have lived this game to the pinnacle ...We reserve the right to hold the title Scout for those who have paid at least the dues of doing the school of Hard Knox...
Until then, you aint one of us, you aint got rank and you aint got any right to fly unit crests or division patches in your sigs or avatars...
*Quoted from Timberghozt*
We are a family here and don’t take to kindly to people who come in here and run there
Mouths we have all earned the title of Scout as someday you will to but until then learn your place follow the rules and there will be no problems

What Is OPSEC?
Operations Security, or OPSEC, is keeping potential adversaries from discovering our critical information. As the name suggests, it protects our operations – planned, in progress, and those completed. Success depends on secrecy and surprise, so the military can accomplish the mission faster and with less risk. Our adversaries want our information, and they don’t concentrate on only soldiers to get it. They want you, the family member.

Protecting Critical Information
Even though information may not be secret, it can be what we call "critical information." Critical information deals with specific facts about military intentions, capabilities, operations or activities. If an adversary knew this detailed information, our mission accomplishment and personnel safety could be jeopardized. It must be protected to ensure an adversary doesn’t gain a significant advantage. By being a member of the military family, you will often know some bits of critical information. Do not discuss them outside of your immediate family and especially not over the telephone.

Examples Of Critical Information
• Detailed information about the mission of assigned units.
• Details on locations and times of unit deployments.
• Personnel transactions that occur in large numbers (Example: pay information, powers of attorney, wills, deployment information).
• References to trends in unit morale or personnel problems.
• Details concerning security procedures.

Puzzle Pieces
These bits of information may seem insignificant. However, to a trained adversary, they are small pieces of a puzzle that highlight what we’re doing and planning. Remember, the elements of security and surprise are vital to the accomplishment of our goals and our collective personnel protection.
• Where and how you discuss this information is just as important as with whom you discuss it. Adversary agents tasked with collecting information frequently visit some of the same stores, clubs, recreational areas, or places of worship as you do.
• Determined individuals can easily collect data from cordless and cellular phones, and even baby monitors, using inexpensive receivers available from local electronics stores.
• If anyone, especially a foreign national, persistently seeks information, notify your military sponsor immediately. He or she will notify the unit OPSEC program manager.

What Can You Do?
There are many countries and organizations that would like to harm Americans and degrade our influence in the world. It’s possible, and not unprecedented, for spouses and family members of U.S. military personnel to be targeted for intelligence collection. This is true in the United States and especially true overseas! What can you do?

Be Alert
Foreign governments and organizations collect significant amounts of useful information by using spies. A foreign agent may use a variety of approaches to befriend someone and get sensitive information. This sensitive information can be critical to the success of a terrorist or spy, and consequently deadly to Americans.

Be Careful
There may be times when your spouse cannot talk about the specifics of his or her job. It’s very important to conceal and protect certain information such as flight schedules, ship movements, temporary duty (TDY) locations, and installation activities, for example. Something as simple as a phone discussion about where your spouse is deploying, or going TDY, can be very useful to our enemies.

All Family Members Are Part Of The Army’s OPSEC Team. They Need To Protect Information To Ensure The Safety Of All Our Soldiers, Civilians, And Army Families.

You Are A Vital Player In Our Success!
As a family member of our military community, you are a vital player in our success, and we couldn’t do our job without your support. You may not know it, but you also play a crucial role in ensuring your loved one’s safety. You can protect your family and friends by protecting what you know of the military’s day-to-day operations. That’s OPSEC.

All non military ,delayed entry program and recruits who have not been to OSUT will not use the title of "Scout","19 Delta" or "Cavalry" anywhere in their screen name also anyone who has not graduated from OUST will not use any rank in their profiles

.All members whether you be dep or recruit will not put any type of rank in you name till you have earned it we have all done our time and have earned our ranks earn yours
Until you have entered OSUT. You are not a pvt. For those of you that attend drills now. Do you have uniforms. Have you drawn your TA-50. Have you been to OSUT. Until you have entered OSUT, how can you have rank. If I remember right. The guys that we had in our unit. That attended drills but had not completed OSUT. They were not allowed to do much. We still gave them shit details. But I do not remember calling them by rank. Again I see this as a respect thing. You have not earned it. So why claim it.
So what it boils down to young wannabees is this. Unless you have earned it. You don't deserve it. By putting anything Cav or rank related in your profile. You are showing disrespect to those that have gone before you. That is what is pissing people off.
*Quote From Blue3C*

5.SIGs & Avatars

Until you go through OSUT at Fort Knox you are not a Scout. We don't care what your rank is or what branch of the service your coming here from. Should you choose to complete the Mentor Program you will be issued a sig block that says you are a Mentor Program Graduate. When you have complete your training at Knox and have been assigned to a unit than and only than will you be allowed to have a sig block with your site handle and unit patch, crest or both on it. Plus we will be happy to make one for you just ask.

Fill out you profiles we are all tired of seeing N/As

To all new recruits that want to become Scouts. Do us a big favor and fill in your profiles. This N/A stuff just doesn't cut it anymore with all the new people coming here lately. I am going to be nice and tell you this just once.
*Quote from TCG34211*

Family Members, like all members here, are required to fill out your profiles when joining the site.
You may leave the box for rank blank unless you are/have served. Somewhere in the interests or biography box, please write a short description as to why you are here - which family member of yours is a Scout, how long you've been part of the Cavalry family, etc.
*Quote from Cavwife*